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Extra Time On Your Hands? Become An Expert Chef!

  • Spending extra time at home doesn’t have to be a negative thing – it’s time to get those creative juices flowing.
  • Current events are bound to push us out of our comfort zones, and for those who can’t cook – now’s your chance to learn.

To become an expert chef – as expert as you can – you need the right equipment. This is a guide to a few indispensable products that you can get in order to flex your newfound cooking skills, forged from obligation in these troubling times.

We’re not saying you’re going to turn into Gordon Ramsay, but all of these tools will help better prepare you to cook well for yourself or your family. Learning to do so will not only keep everyone happier and more comfortable, but studies show that cooking for yourself is significantly healthier too. Since health is what we’re all thinking about right now, these products will ease your worries.

Here’s what you need to get started.

A Matching Utensil Set to Keep Your OCD Sane in the Kitchen

This StarPack Basics XL Kitchen Utensil Set is a great starter kit for your kitchen arsenal. It has everything you need to start flipping pancakes, straining veggies, stirring sauces, and serving pasta in one package.

All of these utensils are extra large and long, as the name implies, which helps you get a handle on them and keep yourself in control of your future masterpiece. Flipping pancakes should be easier than ever with a wider spatula.

Even still, the cookware set comes with a full warranty in case you find yourself in an unexpected kitchen disaster.

StarPack Basics XL Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set 
$30 on Amazon

Don’t Sacrifice Your Classic Diner Order

The Dash Mini Maker is ideal for waffles, panini sandwiches, and other pressed items you can’t live without. You can open it and use it like a mini flattop for little pizzas, or press a whole breakfast sandwich for a perfect, crispy start to your morning at home.

It weighs only about a pound so especially for those with limited space in their apartment kitchen, dorm, or camper, this mini griddle is a compact, useful addition to your utensils, even on the go.

Dash Mini Maker
$10 on Amazon

A…COOL Pasta Strainer? Who knew?

For a pasta strainer, we’re going with the Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer. Its clip is designed to fit any standard pot or pan and give you an easy out when it comes to hauling pots to your colander.

On top of straining with ease, it also saves space. Another great addition for inexperienced chefs, or for anyone who wants to eliminate headaches from their cooking projects.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer
$18 on Amazon

Save The Paper Towels For Something Other Than Your Cooking Mess

Another fantastic straining option, the FineGood Silicone Strap Strainer and Funnels are not only useful, but they take up as little space as possible. The strainer is flexible and can be hooked onto most any pot or pan for use in straining pasta or veggies.

The strainer and funnels are also durable up to 450 degrees and won’t flake, warp, or melt when used over time. All you have to do is wash with soap and water, and stuff them away until next time.

FineGood Silicone Snap Strainer with 2 Collapsible Funnels
$10 on Amazon

Why Does Chopping Garlic Have To Be Difficult?

Garlic Mincer

For those that want a compact solution to one of the most tedious processes in cooking, this Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel Garlic Press is the answer.

This handy little appliance does whatever you need when it comes to garlic. Whether you want to peel, slice, dice, grate, crush, or mince garlic, the Garlic-A-Peel has you covered.

Garlic Press, Crusher, Cutter, Mincer, and Storage Container 
$15 on Amazon

Never Let a Can Go Un-Opened Again

It’s finally time to replace that old can opener in your silverware drawer. This Hamilton Beach Smoother Touch Electric Can Opener makes opening cans the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

With this machine, you don’t have to worry about sharp edges on your cans. For pop-tops, you don’t have to worry about it slopping everywhere when you finally get it open.

You can operate this machine with one hand while you work on something else, and even leave it out on your counter – its chrome and black design makes it look like a part of your designer kitchen décor.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener
$30 on Amazon

The Takeaway

Anyone can become the chef they’ve always dreamed to be with the right tools – we’re here to make it easy. Whether you want to perfect the skills you have or create new ones you never knew you did, these appliances can be delivered to your house quickly. Start making your life easier – what are you waiting for?

The Productive Penguin receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reviews and recommendations are always independent and written with the consumer at heart.

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