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Gravity Blanket gets an A+ from me

In the last few years, weighted blankets have moved from a trending fad to a mainstream consumer product. But why? Mental health and the importance of a good night’s rest have been the topic of countless conversations and articles across mainstream media. Consumers are continually scouring the marketplace for a quick fix to their problems, and many people report that weighted blankets reduce anxiety.

This is where the Gravity Blanket rises above the rest. 

As the first-to-market weighted blanket, Gravity continues to remain the best available choice when it comes to blankets promising to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. It is well constructed, very comfortable, and available in a great range of sizes and weights. The duvet cover can easily be removed and washed, which is a big plus, as well. 

Weighted Filler

Not only was the Gravity Blanket the first weighted blanket widely available to the average consumer, but Gravity has continued to push forward with new innovations and upgrades to ensure that it remains at the top of its class. This is why the Gravity Blanket has made a point of transitioning from using a plastic weighted filler to a more effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious glass filler.

By upgrading the Gravity Blanket to a glass filler, Gravity achieved a slimmer profile while still providing deep touch pressure stimulation. This allows the blanket to feel more comfortable and fold up smaller while maintaining the same grounding weight users have come to love. Gravity wants customers to rest comfortably, knowing that their blanket is environmentally friendly, too. By switching to glass filler, Gravity Blanket shows its commitment to reducing the use of plastics. 


Just as The Gravity Blanket uses the highest quality filler, it includes an ideal exterior. While many weighted blankets are designed with a soft cover that feels very nice against your skin, the Gravity Blanket is the only one that comes with a removable duvet that can be easily machine washed or changed out for a different style. 

Washing a weighted blanket can be a bit more involved than washing a traditional blanket. Since most washing machines are not designed to handle a 30-pound blanket, this can be challenging. The Gravity Blanket comes with a removable, replaceable, and washable duvet – Genius! 

Of course, if something soaks through the duvet and you find that the entire blanket must be washed, this is possible. The weighted, inner portion of The Gravity Blanket can be washed by hand when needed.

The Gravity Blanket offers a cooling or micro-plush duvet option in a range of neutral, solid colors. A duvet can be purchased in one of three patterns, too. This means that a single Gravity Blanket can easily be cleaned or have its look changed to keep up with you and your life.


Since weighted blankets are filled in tiny particles that are often similar in size to a grain of sand or rice, the blanket’s construction can significantly impact its durability and quality. A ripped seam on a weighted blanket is not a mere inconvenience; it can be a disastrous mess. The Gravity Blanket alleviates these concerns with sturdy construction and a protective outer duvet.

Unlike Mainstay’s 6-inch box quilting, Gravity Blanket uses a small, grid pattern of stitching to ensure consistent distribution of the weighted filler. There will never be a giant pocket of heaviness because the glass beads are kept spread across the blanket through this grid of stitches. It gives the blanket a comfortable and consistent weight, whether draped across two people or tucked around just one. 

Resting & Sleeping

While many brands may offer a mediocre weighted blanket to rest with, the Gravity Blanket is a high-quality choice available at the 15, 20, or 25-pound weight. Since a quality weighted blanket should weigh about 10% of a person’s body weight, this means that most people will easily be able to choose the right blanket for them.

Gravity Blanket has carefully engineered a king/queen size blanket specifically for sleeping, unlike any other brand. After careful research, 35 pounds was determined to be the ideal weight for a large blanket that will ground you throughout the entire night. Since this blanket has been crafted with sleep in mind, Gravity Blanket offers the only true to size kind/queen weighted blanket to fit your bed. 


Gravity Blanket is also the only manufacturer to address the single biggest concern that many people have with weighted blankets. If you research any other weighted blanket brands, you find one consistent complaint among users – the blankets are hot. While this is great when you first crawl into bed in the middle of winter, no one wants to wake up sweaty or be stuck under a hot blanket in the middle of summer. 

Gravity Blanket is the only weighted blanket on the market offering cooling technology. They offer their cooling blanket in the single sizes for resting and the king/queen size for sleeping. It uses moisture wicking fabric to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

My recommendation?

There are many reasons to choose a weighted blanket for resting or sleeping, but there is only one brand, in my opinion, that you can rely on to be the highest quality while offering you a selection of blankets that are sure to meet your needs. The Gravity Blanket is the only cooling weighted blanket available and the only company to provide a true-to-size king/queen blanket that has been specifically designed for your sleeping comfort. 

Investing in a weighted blanket is an excellent way to improve your health, happiness, and well-being. Buying The Gravity Blanket ensures that you’ll get the highest quality and most comfortable weighted blanket available. Don’t wait any longer. Get your blanket here with promo code: “Penguin10” to save 10% on your purchase. 

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