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Misfits Market was love at first sight ๐Ÿ˜

I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog, so when I found Misfits Market in my Instagram feed, it was love at first sight. Misfits is an organic produce supplier that cuts its prices by selling imperfect produce. Even fruit and vegetables have rejects that are too long, too curvy, too wriggly, and too small to headline on supermarket shelves. All of that beautifully-delicious produce is usually thrown into the reject bin.


Why Choose Misfits Market?

Where the world saw misfits veggies, Misfits Market saw an opportunity. Glorious tasting but funny-looking produce at reduced rates. Why wouldn’t America leap at the chance to cut our weekly shopping prices?ย 

I loved the concept, so I placed an order. I’ll admit I expected to sacrifice some flavor, but I was pleasantly surprised with the service delivery and imperfect produce on offer. Misfits Market delivered my order to my door at a fraction of supermarket prices, and their products were as affordable as they were delectable. They were every bit as tasty as any premium organic produce.ย 

An organic Misfits produce box costs between 25 and 40% less than the same weight at an ordinary grocery store. They deliver organic goods to almost 30 states from New York to Minnesota, Maine to Florida.

Remember, in the Eighties, how you got your milk and bread right outside your front door each morning? Misfits Market is bringing that model back, and that’s cut my grocery store trips in half.ย 

Now all I have to do is win the argument about who’s doing the cooking tonight. I order the 22 lb box of fruit and veg because we’re a large home of daily cookers, but they also have a 10 lb one for singles and couples.ย 

Misfits are also helping me to shelter in place. It’s easy to buy my grains and other consumables in bulk if my fresh food arrives on my doorstep every week, especially in the coronavirus era. That cuts a significant amount off of my to-do list, and that’s the kind of wastage that won’t hurt a fly.

The Produce Box That’s Also Saving the World

Aesthetic blemishes are a natural part of life, even if we haven’t seen any on our veggies for long. Imperfections significantly impact on price, and farmers make a massive loss as a result. That’s where Misfits Market steps in. They make sure those farmers can profit from imperfect produce. That cuts away at food waste and food loss. Everyone winsโ€”even as consumers. Misfits Market brings those veggie misfits to our doorsteps so that we, too, can save the world.ย 

Like most parents, my mother always told me to finish my meal because there were starving children in Africa, but it’s only now, in adulthood, that I’m starting to understand her ethic. An estimated 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted across the world every year. Food wastage leads to food loss that has a direct impact on the poor and vulnerable. It consumes all the resources involved in harvesting, so it contributes to poverty and global warming. I’ve been looking for new ways to stop contributing to the food wastage crisis. Misfits Market is, by far, my favorite new solution.ย 

But Does Misfit Produce Taste Good?

I get it. That mango doesn’t look as yummy as the “perfect” one, but all-natural produce has oddities. You don’t see them much because stores remove them from their shelves. It turns out that Mother Nature doesn’t take the flavor out of her imperfect produce, so you get all the taste of organic all of the time. You pay less for it.ย 


With Misfits Market, you really can get the best of both worlds.

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