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Virtual Plans: The New Way To Fill Up Your Social Calendar

  • The new Happy Hour is here: making virtual plans with your friends is quickly becoming the best way to keep in touch.
  • Popular platforms like Google, Zoom, and HouseParty are single handedly molding your social calendar.
  • Social Distancing does not mean Isolation; it’s time to get creative.

It’s 5 O’clock… Anywhere

It may be difficult to immediately see a positive side to the concept of #SocialDistancing, but if the current Global state of affairs has taught us anything, it’s that creativity is at an all time high. As human beings, we have a need for human interaction. We’ve formed friendships and relationships our whole lives, cultivated them carefully with Happy Hours, life events, bonding through shared interests… who says we have to stop now? These things haven’t been taken away from us – we just have to learn a new way to make them happen. Sorry, introverts – even YOU can admit these plans shouldn’t be ditched.

Virtual Happy Hour

Just because you’re inside your apartment, doesn’t mean you have to sit there alone. Start a group chat with your friends, pick a time that works for everyone, and get online! It’s also a fantastic excuse to finally buy those mixology tools for your bar cart. You wouldn’t be caught dead showing up to Happy Hour without a fabulous cocktail! Don’t let “Zoom Meetings” exist only in the workplace. Download HouseParty if your crew loves to play games like Heads Up, Pictionary and Trivia. Use the Group FaceTime option on your iPhone. NO EXCUSES! Oh, and if you’re more of an “Open House” kind of partier? Zoom has a function that allows anyone to join in on your party. Just throw your Zoom code on social media, and watch the guests flock in. With companies like Drizly and Winc, you’ll even have all the party favors you want delivered to your door.

This Just In – Your Birthday Party Is NOT Cancelled

Bummed out about not being able to rip shots at the bar for your birthday? Why skip out on the celebration when you can virtually invite EVERYONE to celebrate with you? Fire up Amazon, order yourself some decorations and a party hat, and set the time. There will be NO tears this year.

Birthday Celebration Kit – $19

Brunch Is Served – Without The Tab

Finally, brunch plans that don’t rob your bank account! It’s time to take our weekends back. Saturday and Sunday brunches are some of the best rituals we’ve got, and now we have the ability to bring the ambiance to our living room. Make that avocado toast,  pop the bubbly and dish about all of the thirsty boys who have been hitting you up during quarantine. Don’t be late!

Sunday Brunch Cookbook – $18

Don’t Wait For The Vineyards To Have A Wine Tasting

Your local vineyard is closed? Maybe you don’t live anywhere near Wine Country? Don’t worry about it. Tons of the best vineyards are hosting Virtual Wine Tastings on Instagram Live, complete with the opportunity to have the wines in question shipped directly to your doorstep in time. Light a few candles, expand your palates, who knows – you could be the world’s first Quarantine Sommelier!

Crystal Wine Glasses, Red and White – $36

Nobody’s Gonna Break Your Stride… Nobody’s Gonna Slow You Down

Were you robbed of your last college semester? Do you feel like you haven’t gotten all of the drinking games out of your system? You’re not alone. Never fear, you can still keep “Flip Cup Champion” on your resume.

Find Love In A Not-So Hopeless Place

Yes, we know keeping up with your friends and family is important. But what about our dating lives? Should our romantic relationships suffer? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Tons of variations of “Love Is Quarantine” are popping up, and all you have to do is get involved. Besides, won’t it be nice to only have to worry about what shirt to wear on a date, instead of a whole outfit?

Romantic Rose Tea Light Candles – $14

Whatever you choose to do with your new virtual lifestyle, make it fun. Now is the time to stop thinking things are silly, and step outside the box (metaphorically, of course. Stay inside please.) We have endless opportunities to make the most of our time at home – why not put your all into it?

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